cavity wall insulation


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Hi can any one tell me if there is a NHBC requirment to install cavity wall insulation,
We are currently buying a new build property that is just up to first floor level, we have noticed that no cavity wall insulation has been put in place!

I spoke to the sales advisor and i am still awaiting an answer, i know from carrying out a extension in the past that the insulation will not go in properly afterwards as the wall ties are in the way.

Is it possible the thermal blocks have a great 'U' value, so insulation is not required.



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The only way that traditional construction is able to comply with the insulation values stipulated in the Building Regulations is for cavity wall insulation to be installed.
I suspect your sales advisor will eventually give you the answer that your new home will have blown fibre insulation installed at a later stage of the construction process.


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dont accept blown in cavity is a last resort quick fix,,,it will drop to the bottom in time..

yes all new builds should have cavity wall insulation in the form of celotex..

my house is a wainhomes house and had some really cheap cavity insulation, so we have had to have it cavity insulated by blowing it in because it was freezing..

all the nhbc said was it met its u value... same old bollocks ...

never again will i buy a new build house unless i know the builder..