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Myself and my girlfriend have been looking for a new home for around 1 year - both at new builds and pre-owned. For the past month we have started to speed up the search and have taken a closer look at new builds. Having looked at many builders and sites, we have found a taylor wimpey house that is perfect for us.

However the price is only just in reach financially, bearing in mind we have managed to get 10k off the asking price and they have already built in an upgraded kitchen + appliances. We have crunched the numbers and things are still tight. Tried to ask for stamp duty paid but was declined, tried to ask for carpets but was also declined. We had previously thought we had enough for the house but due to TW's low PART EXCHANGE offer we have been left a bit short (I think they are offering at leased £20k less than it's worth).

My worry now is that if we do go ahead, will TW start to pull out more fees once we have reserved? Would it be better to go through the easy mover route then try PX if the sale doesn't happen and Is there anything I should know before going ahead from any experience? Also there are LOTS of affordable homes both over the road and all around the site, is this something i should be concerned about?

I have read as many posts as i can given I have found this website this morning and will be going to the site today...I know i need to use use my own solicitors and check that the plot size is as advertised - any further advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!