buying 5yr old house do I need to get a survey


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I am buying a Kier home which is 5 years old and have been told by the selling estate age that I dont need to get a survey and to save my money. I am not sure about this and have been reading about getting a snagging survey even though house is still under builders warranty. Would like some advice should I get the standard survey which all buyers get or the snagging survey
The Agent wants money so will tell you the Lords Pray to get the sale. You must not use the Solicitor recommended by the Agent or housebuilder, find an independent solicitor who will recommend a survey, no matter the age of the property. Should they not, then they are useless and should be reported to their association. This is a huge investment/commitment and should be treated as such - please get as much advise/help as you can before committal - this was a good start.

Naill (ex DTI Business Advisor)