Built-in wardrobes and switches - snagging issue?

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    We will soon be exchanging contracts to buy a 4 bed detached new build property. We have been advised that our snagging inspection can only take place after exchange of contracts and before completion - is that accurate?

    The issue we're having with the house is that in all of the bedrooms, the light switches have been placed around the corner from the entrance, inside the alcoves which - we believe - have been designed for built-in wardrobes. Is this compliant with the building regulations, given that whether we have built-in wardrobes made upon request or just put Ikea wardrobes in there - these switched will effectively be obstructed?

    Two of the alcoves are of non-standard depth (49 cm and 53 cm). This doesn't leave enough depth for a standard cloth hanger - we are wondering whether we should raise this up with the developer as a snagging issue?

    Both of the above points - should they normally be part of what the snagging inspector is going to look at and take into account in his report?

    Many thanks for any advice on the above.
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    firstly , the answer to the questions about access
    some builders allow this , some dont and some only at certain times .
    the legal position is uncertain , however the consumer code for builders says that the builder should comply with requests from buyers advisers


    the lighting switches only have to installed at certain heights off the floor in order to comply with regulations , (their location is totally arbitrary ) check show homes and see how theirs have been done , and use that against the builder if able


    common sense says that the wardrobe alcoves would be deep enough and consistent and able to perform their function if designed for built in wardrobes....however if they are only designed for stand alone furniture then this changes things

    have you spoken with the builder , what was their response when you raised the issues

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