Breaking inner wall at the beginning of Extension build

Martin Sherwood

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On the cusp of building work to start on new orangery (4m * 3m) and since extension will be flush with inside house room. Builder recommends steels are put across lintle and therefore requires inner walk broken from the beginning, and not near the end, and could be 2 months before b-folds are installed.

Leaves open question around opening being wind, watertight, and importantly secure, and will insurances cover this. The builder says boards will be erected, lock-on inner door and unlikely to be cold (hmm)
Does anyone know why this approach is not viable?


doesnt sound very secure to me .....wonder about his mates ?

dont think your insurance company would be happy either

dont plan on leaving ...good job were on lock down

find a better way ...look at how councils board up thier empty properties

Martin Sherwood

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Thank you for the response.

Builder doesn't seem to think any boarding needs to erected where the outer wall has been broken. Means a gaping hole in the side of my house for X months until an extension built. Would rain/wind destroy the internal room?

We did insist on the internal door had deadlock installed which is some level of security. Nevertheless, still means half the house is not wind/proof or even secure. Cannot imagine the cold will do us any good either.