Bovis nightmare


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I bought a new build bovis house in December 2013 on a shared ownership scheme, it's a mid terraced 2 bed house. I only had luke warm water for the first 6 months and heating didn't work properly for a year, it was all plumbed in wrong and it and took 17 visits by plumbers to eventually put it straight, they had to take a section of my ceiling down at one point. The biggest problem is the bad sound proofing from adjoining houses, I can hear every footstep, movement, door closing and kids yelling. I live on my own and have families on both sides and generally it's non stop noise from 6am to 7.30pm, the noise transfers through the structure of the house and because it's terraced there's no escaping it as all rooms connect to next door. I don't look forward to leaving work and returning home and weekends are no longer relaxing. I complained to the builders about the sound proofing and they did a test and said it met robust standards, however it was an airborne test and didn't take into account the transfer of noise though the structure especially walking up stairs, across rooms, landings etc.

I feel physically sick when I think how much this has cost me and the properties I viewed and walked away from before this one, I regret the day I ever laid eyes on the place. I can't afford to sell as being new build its lost £10k in value in just a year and I can't afford all the legal costs either, and how is anyone going to buy it when they walk in and hear the racket from neighbours.


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Sorry that you had to go through this harrowing experience! Do you mind telling where/which development is this, as I am too considering buying a new build by Bovis in Cambridge (Trumpington)?