Bovis Homes - NHBC Cover Notes vs. Completion certificate


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Hi all,

Here I am again. Bovis homes have now moved the completion date twice, they told me was that they are waiting for NHBC completion certificate, after which they can do the home demo, but since we have not exchanged contracts (i.e., paid them 10% deposit), they say they are not in any pressure to abide by the completion date of Sept 30.

Just sometime ago, I learnt that their solicitors have emailed our solicitors a scan of the NHBC Cover Note. What is it and how different it is from NHBC Certificate? Does getting the cover note mean that it is safe to exchange contracts, and that they are legally obligated to give (at least) an estimated completion date in the contract? So shouldn't the contract be updated to reflect the status?
We haven't yet exchanged contracts because of so many unknowns - but they are pushing us to do so. Is this right?

I am really looking forward to moving into the new home with my family but this is all very confusing!

Your help on this will be greatly appreciated!



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Seems strange Bovis have not pressured you to exchange long ago.
NHBC Cover Note is for NHBC Warranty.
Completion Certificate is for CML inspection to check the house is actually 100% finished which of course being Bovis it is no where near!
Be sure yto get your ho,me professionally snagged and inspected BEFORE you move in/Legally complete.
Bovis are 3 star rated and won ZERO NHBC Quality Awards last year for a reason!

Regarding completion dates, check you Consumer Code for Home Builders. They should have given you a copy when you reserved.
If they didn't, they are alreday breaching requirement 1.2!