Bovis Early Bird Reservation


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I made an Early Bird Reservation for a new build property with Bovis in the middle of April 2021which cost £99 and I was told and confirmed on the document I signed that the reservation would go to a full reservation on 01 August 2020 where an additional £400 would be required for deposit and an exchange of contracts and 10% of property price to be paid by the end of August.

I have just received an email from Bovis saying that the property will now go to full reservation on 01 June and to exchange contracts by the end of June. The whole schedule has been brought forward by eight weeks. This is going to cause me problems with the deposit and if nothing else is not what I agreed to or was told. I cannot see any caveats on the paperwork that would allow them to do this.

Having signed the early bird reservation can Bovis bring the exchange of contract schedule forward by eight weeks?


it depends what it says on your contract the answer ....

check if they are a member of the consumer code of conduct ....this explains your rights at every stage and provides an arbitration process

your solicitor really is best placed to answer this question .....unless you are using thiers