Bought a property with someone else? Or thinking about it? We need your views! (£50 Amazon voucher)

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Can you help us understand the challenges that arise when multiple people invest in a property, and the potential for a tool that tracks their financial contributions?

This survey only takes a few minutes to complete, and you can then be entered into our draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher. This is part of a project supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Link here:

Also if the above doesn't apply to you, we're also seeking a few final responses on a survey we've been running about London homeworkers and property:


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I love surveys like that because they help people deal with most of their serious problems. People don't usually lie when they answer questions like that, and it makes me happy to see how everyone helps each other in the community. I am sure that your investigation will succeed, and I wish you good luck. I will answer, too, honestly, about what I've experienced while trying to have a standard home with my mate. I can also tell you how much we were searching online for a Mortgage Advisor Manchester if you need it.
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