Bloor homes Zurich building insurance useless

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Two years and two surveys NHBC experts ceram national building inspector reports Northcott brick and Abacus tested the bricks These are crumbling chimneys junks of brick dropping off our surveyer says need rebuild but Zurich are saying its a minor spalling .Miller homes same brick same problem.All agree brick is faulty except Zurich who are refusing to pay up. We are now into barristers and court proceedings Help.£20.000 to rebuild two chimneys and walls and repair drive. Or fight it out and im thinking now go to tv and national press so they suffer losses the way i am. Cant let my grandaughter play in rear garden incase brick cuts her falling off or in her feet.Should we fight on or get a builder to pull them down now and put the cost onto the mortgage About to have a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN got made redundant at Xmas cant afford this but cant let my home crumble anymore its 10yr old and the claim went in 2yr ago.8 other people with same problem on the estate but some NHBC and some Zurich.