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So looking at a new home with Bloor and interested in reserving a plot mid build to be ready in a couple of months.

I have my own financial advisor who my family's business has been using for 20 years or so, and I fully plan on having him broker the mortgage etc. However, when I told the site sales rep this she said everyone buying a house with them on this site has to get a mortgage in principle agreed with their 'non affiliated' mortgage company - The Mortgage Brain, and that if I was to be offered any incentive at all I'd have to use their services.

When asking what these incentives were, the response was somewhat clandestine; "I can't tell you that until you decide to use our financial services". After pushing her a little further with suggestions that might it be stamp duty paid, flooring, extras in the house etc, she repeated her previous statement.

Has anyone here bought a Bloor and at what stage did they offer you incentives and was under the same conditions?

My FA told us this was illegal and has been for some time now (kick backs between companies etc) & immediately rang Bloor HQ. He reported there as a lot of stammering but overall upset over this and that they would ring the local sites themselves to get to the bottom of it, as all they're interested in is a sale.

Has anyone else experienced this or similar?

Puts me off buying from them, and after all, new build estates are 10 a penny these days. A new one will come along next week.
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this is certainly mal-practice ...i dont know about illegal

clients of mine today used builders solicitor for their purchase and are now regretting it

do what you need to do ...if it works for you
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