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Discussion in 'Bellway Homes' started by colebie, Mar 25, 2011.

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    After much deliberation of buying a new property myself and my partner decided to buy with Bellway. It was a new development which was at the very first stages of the build, we went to the agent office as their were no showhomes at this point.This was October 2010, we looked at the site plan and chose our new house, we were over the moon, we chose this particular plot due to the garden size as we have two lively cocker spaniels. We secured the plot and then entered into one of their part exchange schemes. We went to our first meeting in those days in which we were informed of a wayleave around our plot, for this we had to agree not put any foundations on this bit of land and allow for any contracters in case of any problems to which we agreed to.
    After one perevious entry date held back only due to the bad winter weather our hab was going ahead for 25/03/2011, the day I had been dreaming of ( I stalked my house) then yesterday out of the blue I got a call from my lawyer saying that Bellway had written a letter stating there was a change to the site plan which involved my garden. taking approx 2 metres all down the side and along the bottom to whiche they would put another fence creating a walkway around my house :(.
    The hab went on the house today and now the clock is ticking, I have an appnt with my lawyer on Tuesday and have cancelled my demo on Monday, I feel really let down as this is a large piece of land whipped from under our nose 4 days from completion, has anyone got any comments on this which may give us a little hope !!!
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    A classic clear case of breaching the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991.
    You should and must complain to your local trading standards about this.

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