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    Hi I'm new to this forum as I have had a problem with my home purchased five years ago from Bellways in Milton Keynes. On my estate all the homes erected around that time have a wood decor cladding covering part of the outside of the building. during a recent windy spell i returned from holiday to see this cladding has come away from the building leaving the brick breeze blocking exposed, since then I've had three more panels disappear exposing more brickwork, my house is falling apart as the wind takes hold of the next panel down this too will disappear, I have been in touch with Bellways as I don't believe I should be responsible for the repair, customer service has asked me to forward an email detailing the problem so they can give it to someone to review,I'd just like to know what other members think of my situation and wether they feel I should pursue Bellways to repair this problem, and who would be responsible!

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    After five years this is a maintenance issue.
    You may be able to claim on your house insurance for storm damage, but this would only replace missing panels.
    Bellway have no responsibility under the NHBC warranty now and the remaining 8 years doesn't include cover for this sort of thing.
    So Bellway is being very good even considering looking at this.
    However, it could be that stainless steel nails were not used and those used have now corroded or that the carpenters used a nail gun which was incorrectly set and/or used too smaller gauge nails.

    On personal level, I must say this an ugly looking house. Losing the cladding might improve it!

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