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    We bought a Bellway in July 2009 and at the PreOc were informed that the building had the new plastic central heating pipes. I enquired how we would be able to detect them and was told that detector strips were installed behind / around the pipe to allow them to be detected with wall scanners.

    About a month later I was about to install a wall light, scanned the area with a detector, found no trace of pipes, so drilled into the wall, only to hit a water central heating pipe. As its pressurised system you can imagine the scale of the subsequent water leak ( jet more like ). Staff on site were useless in assisting, only suggesting that we shut off the mains.

    I immediately complained to Bellway East Midlands and received no reply, contacted them again and no reply etc So eventually in June of this year the NHBC came out to investigate, again Bellway did not attend the meeting. Their findings were that detector strips should have been installed, as per their standards, but were not. Bellway had to make good the various damage ( which they did do ) and the NHBC sated that Bellway now had ongoing liability for all future pipe punctures of this nature.

    I contacted Bellway again in July of this year asking how they intended to rectify the situation and what they were going to do about their ongoing liability. I got no reply from the East Midlands Office, despite sending it by recorded delivery, so resorted to sending a copy of the initial letter up to the Group Chief Exec. This did get the ball rolling, East Midlands started corresponding with me, stating that the original letter to them must have been lost in the post - highly unlikely as it was recorded and had been delivered. Recently received their final reply on the matter confirming that according to NHBC standards our house should have had detector tape fitted and that this had not been done, apologised for the fact, and accepting that Bellway have ongoing liability in the matter.

    However with regard to how they were actually going to sort this their response was - quoted verbatim - " Unfortunately it is an impossible task to rectify this issue. With regards to the isue of not being able to detect the pipes, I can only suggest that invasive investigations are undertaken to the areas where you wish to hang something to ensure no pipes are in the location"

    I kid yea not, they appear to seriously be suggesting we ut out sections of plasterboard to have a peer behind any area we want to put a 5-10mm fixing hole, then replaster it all up again, before drilling the hole !!!!!! Each and every time we want to put something up. So for the average retaining straps for free standing furniture we are looking at a good run of 4 feet or so of wall to remove so that we can put in 4 fixing screws, once we have refitted the plaster board and made good.

    This really cannot be correct and its an infantile suggestion to such a problem.

    Also despite the fact they have ongoing liability over this we have no idea how we are supposed to arrange for this to be done each and every time. Likewise we now have a house where future buyers are going to be put off entirely due to the fact the fact that you can't drill into the walls without huge palarva.

    Some advice on how we could sort this out would be greatly appreciated. We are a low income family on Tax Credits who simply can't afford for independent surveryors reports on how this affects the properties value etc. which is what we told we had to do by a solicitor.

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