Bellway Ashberry home - wish I hadn't bought it!

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I bought an Ashberry home and moved in 4 days ago. I am fed up with problems with hot water and heating. We attended a session about our new house and were told by the site manager that he didnt know how to use it since he hadn't used this type of system before. When we moved in we couldn't get the heating on and called the emergency out of hours line. A heating engineer turned up but told us it was electrical so we had to wait for an electrician. He got the upstairs heating working for the night but we had to call them out again on the Sunday to get the downstairs heating working during the day. I was told by the electrician it had been wired incorrectly and the live and neutral were the wrong way round. On the Monday we had lots of engineers on site who assured me the system was working and told me that we simply hadn't programmed it correctly. After 3 more visits someone came to explain how to programme it and helped set the programmes. This morning however the heating didn't come on and I woke to a cold house. This evening the hot water hadn't come on as it was programmed so I had no hot water to bathe my baby. I called the out of hours again but I think it is just being passed on to the site team tomorrow. If this is the quality of the equipment and workmanship I am not impressed. Ashberry say they pride themselves on customer satisfaction - I am not satisfied


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As they say in the industry, if it can't be fixed with a hammer, you need an electrician!

Seriously, if the site manager doesn't know how the heating works, how does he know if it is installed correctly.
Plus he should be trained so he can show you, or get the plumber to show you.
Most boilers are not wired correctly. have you got a GasSafe and Electrical installation certificates from Bellway?

All housebuilders claim they pride themselves on customer care.
If they built the houses properly in the first place then customer care wouldn't be required!

Cold house? Its only mid-October. Wait till the real cold weather comes and you find your new home isn't properly insulated!
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