Bay window leaking & causing damage to living room ceiling


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Apologies, not a snagging problem as such. Bought a Stewart Milne 'aberfoyle' 7 years ago, house was 2 years old at the time. Since then, without fail, every single January our bay window leaks causing extensive damage to living room ceiling, walls & carpet around the bay window. Stewart Milne duly send out surveyor who arranges builders, roofers etc to assess problem. many weeks after all this palaver (depending on weather!) work begins to replace tiles, lead flashing, weepers or whatever latest 'expert' deems to be the problem. Once 'fixed', plasterer comes round & does his thing & many weeks later (was September this year, a whole 9 months after problem first reported) the painter comes in & finishes the job. This is an apparent design fault with Stewart Milne houses & has been an issue with this house since it was built. We viewed the house in the summer & were reassured that the problem had been resolved. Anyway, just come home from work & ceiling is soaking again. Do not trust Stewart Milne to sort this out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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The cause of your problem sounds like you have either;
1) No cavity trays have been fitted.
2) The lead flashing is above the cavity trays - it should be under.
3) The cavity trays do not have stop ends.
4) Weep vents are blocked
5) The cavity is filled with debris or bridged.
6) The roof is leaking somewhere.
7) A rainwater downpipe discharges onto the roof and wind blows some water under the flashing.

Or any combination of several of these.

I am amazed Stewart Milne are still attending to this as it is well outside the two year warranty period and you are not their customer either! I dread to think what they must spend each year fixing the houses they have built!

Given the age of your house, I would get a proper builder to fix it and send the bill to Stewart Milne!


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Thanx for your advice, am seriously considering getting lawyers & independent builders involved. Although my house is way outside the 2 year warranty period (2 year warranty for a £250 grand house?? my hoovers got a better warranty & it cost £180) the leaky bay window has been an ongoing problem since Stewart Milne & his cheapo contractors first threw the place together 9 years ago. We have inherited the problem & there is no way we can sell the place until its fixed. Thanx again


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Did you get a full structural survey done as you were buying the secondhand house with minimal NHBC warranty left?
If so, you may be able to sue the surveyor if he missed the problem.

It doesn't matter how much the home costs, the warranty is the same.
But that said a house should be built properly in the first place!
Your Hoover only has one year (unless you pay more) a new house has ten years.
The previous owners should have got it fixed.
If it was reported inside the two year period, the NHBC warranty is still in effect as it has never been properly fixed by Stewart Milne.


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Hi there i have written on this forum on many occasions since purchasing a Stewart Milne Aberlady in South Lanarkshire. I had the same problem as you discussed on both my front bay windows. It is as a result of the cavity trays not being installed properly. I had them out re doing both bays twice, i eventually had to employ my own surveyor to oversee the project management and rectify the problem in 2008. Bottom line cavity trays not installed properly resulting in the water not flushing out but into your house. I had to resort to legal action also. The matter has now been resolved however they will tell you anything other than this as it is major work.

Also watch out if they replace the cavity trays they will have to remove some of your outer brick work above the bay. This is not a problem but the first time they tried this my outside wall looked like a patchwork quilt. The bricks all had to be removed and my surveyor hand picked the bricks in order to blend in with other bricks.

Can be fixed if managed by people who know what they are doing not Stewart Milne!!!


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Usually it is matching the mortar can be a problem as can low quality workmanship in replacing the bricks.
Both bricks and mortar can be professionally and permanently "tinted in" to match the remainder of the wall.


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Thanx for all your advice but I'm taking this to the press now. 6 years of excuses, naff contractors who don't turn up when they're supposed to & when they eventually do they patch things up badly & probably charge stewart mine a fortune, in the meantime, my bay window still leaks & my carpet, blinds, Xmas tree etc are ruined again. Never been offered any recompense either!!stewart Milne couldn't give a shitl they really do want me & my problem house (it's an aberfoyle ,4 bed executive detached villa) to feck off.. Offered to sell it back to them, funny, got no interest lol


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Newspapers wont fix it!
Keep on a Stewart Milne and write to the NHBC about it too.
They have more clout.

Stewart Milne are hoping people like you just give up and get their own contractors to do a proper job once and for all, then they have won, not you!
I'm not surprised they didn't want their house back either, they know how it was built!

Inverkip Rain

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Hi, new to this site, googled "Stewart Milne House Bay Window Leaking" and this thread popped up....almost exactly the same issue as I have with water coming in my bay window.

I was wondering if Mzbmw managed to resolve the issue yet?

My Stewart Milne house in Inverkip is over 11 years old, I have been in it for the last 6years, I am the 4th owner & certainly someone before me had this issue, as when the water has come in I have noticed that a lining paper has been expertly fitted in this area & is now starting to peel off. I did notice it when decorating but did not think to much of it, as I did not suspect anything.

In talking to neighbours I have found out that Stewart Milne were supposed to have resolved this for the original owners, with layers of silicone on various areas around the bay window & along the bedroom above's windowsill.

I take the advice from NEWHOMEEXPERT, sounds as if it is likely to be coming from 1 or more of the 7 points raised. I did notice today that my gutters today were not draining properly, so I cleared out a load of muck but it still did not drain & with the heavy rain the gutter was almost full. I did notice when I was clearing the gutter that the membrane under the tiles was long & was under the water level of my full gutters, could this be another possible cause or is this normal?

To allow my gutter to drain properly I took the end cap off & just let the water flow out, since I have done this inside the house seems to be drying up. I am not a builder but I do not think there is enough of a run to allow my gutters to drain, the length of my house & around a 90 degree bend & then into a downpipe at my garage, would it help to put an angled section here & drain my gutter into my downpipe which is within a few feet of the gutter end cap?

I normally put up my Christmas tree in this area, I may not have noticed the water coming in & may have electrocuted someone plugging in wet Christmas lights!!

Any help would be much appreciated.