Bath Sealant


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Hi All,

We moved into our new build last June and despite many problems to start with we are just about sorted now.

Recently I noticed a few holes appearing in the sealant around the bath and although they are tiny I obviously don't want to give them time to get worse.

I know this isn't a big job but is it something that is covered under my 2 year warranty as I believe they should fix it.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Yup certainly raise with the builders for a complete reseal and get double check that the bath floor fixings are fully deployed, correct and firm to prevent the bath unit flexing when someone gets in thus destroying the mastic grip. Most decent "quality" mastics have a very long life and designed for good flexibility and most important grab to the bath and tiles etc. Something is not right to start losing grab after such a short space of time and you are correct to be concerned with the
small starter holes which will allow ingress of splash and condensation into the surrounding decor and worse coming into the ceiling below as they start to get bigger with time and cleaning. Might be down to cheap or incorrect product sometimes also in order to be cosmetic, or frugal,the application is to thin for decent flexibility. Also find that shower bath screens especially cheap cheap are using totally useless plastic seals on the moving screens so that they need replacing after months not years. Short term gains = customer pains.