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I bought my new Barratt home almost one year ago. I am an OAP and though this was to be my last,happy ever after, retirement home.
I will admit I have been very disappointed In the build quality of the house. The original snagging list from the first visit was “lost” so no details of problems recorded are available and I am are still having the many snagging problems dealt with . Nothing gets sorted with one visit,always need to get them back for a second attempt.
Anyway ,that’s not what is causing me extreme distress and wonder if anyone could provide me with advice on any rights I might have.
I knew from the site plan In the sale brochure that there would be a house built behind mine ,side on so I would have the side gable wall and the access path running parallel behind my back fence. I have never seen any measurements but assumed that the house would be at a distance from my property fence that would enable it to be built
The site manager came to my door on Monday when I was out and a told my son that They would be coming on Wednesday to take down my back fence and put up scaffolding in my back garden to allow them to build that house . They will give me a temporary fence around the scaffolding and reinstate the fence when building is complete.oh and by the way,your fence is in the wrong position so it will be reinstated in the new place. It is only 6 inches of a move so that’s not annoying me too much.
I am devastated that one year on I am going to have scaffolding put into my garden ,basically ,because from safety fears ,depriving me of the use of my garden
Surely this should have been mentioned at point of sale? .they obviously knew they would have to do this but didn’t think it important enough to tell me
I would never have bought this plot knowing that in a year I would have scaffolding in my garden ,probably why they never mentioned it!!!!.
I have told them in no uncertain terms not to start this work until I get some advice and I am waiting for the contracts manager to send me out legal documents.....obviously showing me they have the right to do this or they wouldnt be sending them.
I feel They deceived me by withholding vitally important information about the plot when I bought it.
Sorry for such a long rant,but can anyone offer any advice?

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hi thanks for your post

these kind of issues are normally covered under the the "consumer code of conduct" for builders , you can download this document off the internet

yes come across this before , and yes , its normally discussed earlier , and they should not be moving the boundary and they should not be entering your property without your consent , unless there is provision for them to do so in your contract

so check the costumer code
and check with your solicitor

tell the builder you dispute what they say and they need to prove that they have the necessarily wayleaves to do this , and the boundary fence should be left where it is , unless agreed with you


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Thank you for your reply
Unfortunately on ,checking my missives ,they do have the right to do as they have said.
To be quite honest even if I had seen the clause I would never have expected this in my garden.
Still does not alter how I feel. Perhaps if it had been done earlier I would have felt differently but after one year!!!
I looked at the code but as the clause is in my missives there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do,except perhaps argue that the terms of contract was not clear and fair.. ie in taking one year to want to do this. I certainly don’t think that is fair.
I have to arrange a meeting with their contracts manager but it looks like all he is going to say is’s in your tough

Looks like I am going to have a building site in my garden for quite a while. :-(
I will post again if anything changes in my favour x
I agree it's worth while seeing what you can get

There's going to be some inconvenience and loss of use

Then there's the boundary issue ...they cannot just move it unless it's correctly positioned in the first place

Worth a call to a specialist construction solicitor
Try Geoff at