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We recently purchased a Barratt home thinking that for our first house everything would be perfect, a brand new house with everything shiny and new, what could be wrong. After a whole array of problems which did eventually get fixed (of a fashion) the one that we seem to be stuck with is the mould in the bathroom. The house we bought is mid terrace without a window in the bathroom and just a poor excuse for an extractor fan. We started to get mould behind the toilet and so informed Barratts who check for a leak on the toilet and then simply told us that it was condensation and nothing to do with them or the NHBC and it was our problem and we should keep the bathroom door open all of the time. I am wondering where the NHBC stand on something like this as our next door neighbour has the same house type but being an end terrace he has a window and so no problems, surely this is bad design by Barratts and should be fixed by themselves?

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The Building Regulations Approved Document F requires that an extractor capable of removing 15 litres of air a second is required to bathrooms. Without using sophisticated equipment it would be difficult to see if it is operating correctly. Firsy of all make sure it is sucking by placing a kitchen paper towel over it would should be drawn over the grill. As it extracts through a hose check that the hose is not excessively long. As you have all inside rooms it cannot be condensation formed by cold bridging.

Clean the mould off using bleach or proprietry cleaning fluid (follow the safety instructions) as if you leave any spores they will regrow. Make sure you use the extractor and leave it on a while like you would leave a window open for a while.

If the extractor is faulty or hose excessively long/kinked/blocked the NHBC would cover it.

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I would add that, in a bathroom without a window, there should be a twenty minute overrun on the fan, the period during which the fan should continue to run after the bathroom light is switched off.


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Part F page 18 Table 1.5
"Mechanical Intermittent Extract
For a room with no openable window (i.e. an internal room), the fan should have a 15 minute over-run. I rooms with no natural light the fans should be controlled by the operation of the main room light switch."