Barratt Homes PL2 - massive delays - what can we do?

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We are a young couple and first time buyers who have put all of our money into a deposit to buy our first house using the help to buy scheme. We are still not in our new home.

We reserved our plot at Barratts Plymouth PL2 development in March 2016 and were due to move in June 2016. We were about to exchange contracts in late May and our tenancy was up on our flat.
Barratt's assured us that all was running on time so rather than renew our lease for a further 6 months (which would have resulted in double rent and mortgage payments upon move in) we decided to stay with friends for a few weeks.

What was initially a couple of weeks turned into months. We exchanged contracts on September 23rd.

Between June and September Barratts would respond to our requests for updates by saying that the the anticipated completion date is only 2-3 weeks away. Because of this misinformation we remained ever hopeful of an impending move and did not take out another tenancy. Until September Barratts NEVER called us to give us an update. We always had to call them until we escalated the issue which resulted in weekly updates from their internal meetings which sadly did not provide any answers or explain the continued significant delays.

After escalating the issue in October 2016 Barratts suggested that we take out a 6 month tenancy and that they would pay any outstanding rent owed on the tenancy after the house is ready.

Constantly moving around, living out of suitcases and imposing on friends caused untold stress to ourselves and was a huge financial expense travelling around Devon and Cornwall where we work. We also had significant difficulties housing our new cat who we now have barely seen for months and who has become distressed at having to stay at multiple different homes over a short period of time so early in his life.

We are now nearing the end of November and are no where near a move in date. They are still not communicating with us (flattly refuse to answer landlines and mobiles) or giving us any updates. There are no penalty clauses for them delaying like this and no penalties for misinformation that cause stress and financial burdens.

My impression is that this is an organisation who does not care about their customers and will string them along at whatever personal cost to ensure that their properties are sold. Their '2-3 weeks until move in' tactic seems to have been designed to keep buyers from backing out of deals and is a bullish sales lie / "tactic" that indicative of Jordan Belfort.

I hate dealing with them and I find their complete lack of accountability for their many errors appalling. Most notably however I find their lack of communication irresponsible, negligent and unprofessional I cannot imagine what would have happened if we had a young family. For those and others effected by these clown I will stock up with water balloons to launch at the passing sales team from our upstairs windows when we finally move in ;).

In the meantime, I would like to ask the forum is there anything that we can do in terms of compensation for the huge sums of money spent on Air Bnb's/hotels waiting to move in and for the stress involved in being homeless for long periods of time as a direct result of their misleading information to keep us 'on the hook'?
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Sorry to hear about this. As you rightly state they will have no contractual penalty as a result of this. You could try writing to the CEO directly with the information above and see what happens. If you did want to go down the Small Claim Route you need to ask them to put the situation right first. What would you have paid in rent including bills compared to what you have paid for in hotels and airbnb. This feels like a reasonable request to me. If they don't pay that then you can take them to the small claim court for a small fee.

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Hi Tony,

Thanks for the response. If these are the only two options available to us then I'll happily send the CEO an email outlining the issues and see where it goes. Failing that we'll look at our legal options.

I'll let you know how we get on.

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Quite frankly Tony, you should have told PNHB to claim using the Consumer Code for Home Builders!
The requirements (3.2) is quite clear on completion dates and any and all out of pocket expenses as a result can be claimed.

The first date was probably too ambitious for their year-end figures in June proved impossible.
After this the next date is 23rd December for their half year figures. You can be sure, ready or not, that Barratt will want you to Legally complete on or before 23rd December!
make sure you get the home snagged and inspected before you legally complete.
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