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I am wondering if anyone else from Maple Park or even Barratt has had serious issues with snagging.

I'm not even talking about cosmetical issues (which I have tons off)

I'm having serious issues with my floors & Stairs on the 1st and 2nd floor. The problem seems to be under the floorboards. Loud creaking/cracking noise can be heard from the floor(s) below when movement occurs. I don't think the floor isn't sturdy, but they have done something wrong for the floor to be so loud.

The NHBC came over yesterday and the case officer deemed the level of noise acceptable when I asked him about the guidelines he said there aren't any. If he had measured the Dbs of noise and it was within an acceptable range i would understand it to some degree. But somebody making a personal 100% subjective call whilst, joking and laughing with the attendee from Barratt does not sound like a fair assessment to me.

What makes the matter worse Barratt actually already agreed to fix the problem and has had contractors in for multiple days without success. Now they are claiming that there isn't anything wrong with the floor. Bloody liars they are.

I am hoping to hear from people with similar experiences and how they got the builders to actually fix the issues. This problem would seriously impede the selling price of my house, for that reason alone it should be substantial.
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