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bought my property in dunmow just over a year ago,lovely house,lovely area shit builder,we have had nothing but problems which eventually they sorted out to now,they decided to put some gravel boards on my neighbours fence,they cut down the fence panels,when they left and job was done,it was in a poorer state than before with fixings hanging out of the fence my side and one of the post is not in line,funny thing is its my fence not the neighbours,mark lawson from baratts has been to look at it,tells me its ok,when i had ago at him about it he abuses me,what great customer satisfaction and still i have not had my fence put back to its original status,have been also waiting 6 months for my front door and frame to be taken out and to be replaced as the frame is not level and its caused the metal door to bowe,has anyone any advice who higher in position i can go to as im not getting any results from the local office at baratts
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Dear Lee.

thing is its my fence not the neighbours Oops.

Make sure it’s your fence, you will get that from your title deeds, and the markings on the title map.

If it’s yours, you can demand what you want, to be but right..

If it’s your fence you have every right to demand that it is put back to its original condition.

Hope the advice is OK.

I know one of the DWH Directors. No promises, pass your info over to me, I can pass it on.

Get my details at The Expert Engineer||Help and advice with structural claims

You are in a strong position. Good Luck