Bovis Homes is being forced to pay up to £7m to compensate angry homeowners dissatisfied with the quality of some of their newly built properties.
Bovis to pay £7m to compensate customers for poorly built homes
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Earl Sibley, interim chief executive of Bovis, announced the £7m “customer care provision” as home owners prepare to protest at the company’s annual meeting in Tunbridge Wells in May.

He also apologised to customers and promised he would “make sure [we] finish their homes to their satisfaction”.
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Hopefully Persimmons Board will also have a moral change of heart with regard to compensating their sufferrers instead of their Board raking in inflated salaries and bonus payments for building sub standard rabbit hutches so poor they lose their star rating and still get rewarded for letting their customers and shareholders down for producing sub standard housing. They suffer the same disease as Bovis ie greed rushing through volume bonus delivery numbers irrespective if they have been properly quality controlled or even in a lot of cases not even finished. The Building industry wants to take a rain check on their industry and start delivering quality products for the excessive prices they charge for their little sub standard boxes along with robust project management and site responsibility for gunge work....maybe quality builders and craftsmen might help (instead of half trained and unsupervised boys always on their iphones). Most of the dedicated and honourable goodguy tradesfolk left the ratrace industry most now working for themselves doing a good job instead of working for builder spivs.


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My thoughts are Persimmon will buy out Bovis within a year.
They have a decent landbank and as you say, are similar companies for all the wrong reasons.
Persimmon's board did say in last years Annual Report:
"The Group’s priority is to serve our customers well by providing good quality new homes and great service. All of our team are[sic] responsible for delivering high levels of customer satisfaction….Our sales teams across the business are trained to provide excellent levels of service to our customers.

During 2015 we invested substantial resources in new customer focused initiatives to improve our customers’ buying experience and our NHBC/HBF 3 star rating. We have introduced dedicated customer liaison managers on our larger sites, improved communication processes with our customers, introduced new processes to strengthen our build programmes and provided additional resources in our customer care teams. These initiatives are showing some early signs of improvement in our customer satisfaction ratings and we will continue to pursue this agenda to secure further progress this year."

Not sure about you, but I'm expecting a two star rating next month for both Bovis and Persimmon unless they have bought a few favourable survey responses like last year to scrape a 3 star!