Advice re Linden Brickwork


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I'm about to exchange on a Linden home costing close to £900K. I've looked at three local linden sites and I'm horrified at the standard of the brickwork.

I'd like to post a link with some pics but I'm still a new user :-( I guess if you PM me I could send a link?

The foundations have only just been dug so when I exchange at the end of the month I doubt there'll be any brickwork to assess - I've VERY tempted to run away from this purchase.

Any thoughts/comments would be very welcome.



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You have £900,000 to spend on a home and you are buying a brand new one?
You are considering buying even though you suspect the brickwork will be a poor standard?
And you still need others to give you advice?
The starting pistol has been fired and you are still waiting to hear the bang!
It wont be just the brickwork you need to worry about either!
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