Advice please :Charles Church (Persimmon Homes)

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Be afraid - be very afraid! It is Persimmon homes after all!!!
At least you know what to expect if you are still buying after reading all the warning posts on here.
Your best advice would be to CANCEL the reservation and buy another home and preferably not a new build.

See this Facebook Action Group too!

If you do go ahead and buy Persimmon, don't then come back on here later on moaning and seeking advice on how to get them to fix the defects!

Following on from a recent post today, I have decided I will no longer be offering any help or advice to buyers who through their own stupidity, have bought, reserved or are considering buying a Persimmon new home despite all the warnings available on this forum and online.

Quite frankly, I am getting a bit tired of seeing the same old problems and issues that buyers have with Persimmon Homes.

And when I do advise and help, buyers are quite often ungrateful too!

No doubt Persimmon's board directors will be cracking open the champagne a little earlier today on the news!