14 months after moving in, the render is finally being redone

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Work has finally started to replace our render. We raised concerns about the render before we even completed in May 2014 so it seems ridiculous that we're having to put up with this disruption now. I suppose we should be grateful it's happening.

We asked for a full survey and report on all the render before work started but didn't receive anything. The guys started hacking off the rear elevations this morning. Still no idea of how much they're actually going to do or how long it will all take.

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Check that the right blocks have been used and the expansion joints are there every 6m as per Webber-Gyproc recommendations.
Take lots of photographs!
Render should not be applied in hot weather or when rain is expected before it would have set.


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Hi, thanks for your advice as always :)

I'm not sure about the expansion joints. I tried to take pictures as they went along.

Render pictures

We're not all that happy with the finish. The new render sections have been spray finished whereas I think the original finish, still on two sides, was troweled. A week later and still no one from DHW has been round to check and the job certainly is still not finished.