10k bill for dodgy plumbing!

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Hi there,

Would really appreciate help as this has dragged out for too long, I am a homeowner in a new build in Edinburgh, the builder is westpoint homes, i moved in in 2009, since then there have been at least eight instances of leaking or flooding effecting the landing areas in in one case my ceilings and bathroom needed redecoration and replacement flooring/drying out. Leak eight is ongoing now outside my flat with water leaking down and spurting out of the mains water supply pipe that comes from a pump in the basement. I have quizzed the plumbers sent by the property factor to patch up the puncture in the pipe, they say that the type of plastic piping is typically used for gas installs and seems innappropriate for the pressure being supplied to it, they added that copper would have been a better option.

The property factor has been quoted £10,000 as an estimate to replace the culprit piping from ground floor to 5th, although he has had no authorization to ahead with this given that many tennents are renting/not interested in sharing 10k between 24 flats.

I am trying to get some legal advice today, but just wanted to get some real world advice and see if anything else can be done or if somene has had a similar situation. I should add I called NHBC and they confirmed plumbing is only covered for the first two years, I have tried complaining to builder but they dont respond or call back.

I tried citizens advice, they said something about me checking my deeds to see what my liability is. I feel strongly that the builder has a moral resposibility to fix this in a goodwill/reputational basis.

greatly appreciate your advice - I am desperate!



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First of all you shouldnt use your birthday as part of your username - identity theft and all that!
Yes its too late for a claim on the warranty now and the builder no longer has any obligations either.
The cost of repairs should be paid equally by each flat owner, even if flats are being let, they are owned by someone and have a landlord.
The managing agents should be sorting this out for you, that is what you pay the sky high charges for!
If they dont or refuse stop paying their charges.

This is the reason I would never buy anything leasehold.


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i keep coming to your site to read and digest peoples problems but they never seem to come back and thank anyone? why is this