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Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this site. I've only just signed up, but this forum has already helped answer so many of our questions when buying our first home.

We're currently looking at buying a new home, which we've reserved. We've been through the site plans recently and noticed a 1:11 (1m in every 11m) gradient sloping towards the house in the back garden. The garden size is 10m by 10m. As we're buying off plan, it's difficult for us to imagine how this will look/could impact the use of our garden.

Next door's garden gradient is just 1:38 on the plan so seems like we're taking the brunt of the slope.

Our questions are

a) Does anyone have a garden sloping like this, is it an issue?
b) Are there any standards that should be applied by the builder to ensure the garden slope is within a certain level?
c) Has anyone been able to get the builder to change this before completion? (thinking an additional retaining wall, which we have on one side).
d) Should they put in some drainage as standard, as the garden slopes towards the back of the house?

Thanks everyone :D


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You will have major problems with flooding. Even flooding from your neighbours too.
It is a steep slope and unless you are a mountain goat it wont be much use unless it is terraced.
Why buy a house like this in the first place?

The builder will need to stop flooding within 3m of the actual house that's all.
They wont and you will have issues trying to get them back.

Don't buy it!


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I have a property which sits on banked up land. I don't think the gradient is quite that severe though. The land was built up with a tipper truck loads of soil to extend the usable building area, it then drops away beyond the garden rapidly towards a stream.
What I am aware of is that the builder (good ol' George Whimpey himself) had to use pile foundations that go down around 8 feet to ensure the house was properly anchored (With all that built up soil). Because the soil contained a lot of clay drainage (even on a slope) is absolutely awful.
So I'd be asked the question has the land been built up (or is it to be built up)... has this been accounted for in the foundations being planned and is drainage sufficient?
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