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    Pine Trees - High Wycombe Development - Taylor Wimpey

    Hi all, Keen to hear of any success stories or nightmares that anyone has experienced with this development? Regards,
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    First Time Buyer new build queries

    Hi all, I'm looking at new builds as a first time buyer and fell upon this forum! I was originally looking for reviews of builders, as I've found a few possible properties in the right area for me. Of the three there, my first choice is a Bellway, and there are also Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon...
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    Taylor Wimpey New Build - Ethernet Cabling

    I have bought a new build Taylor Wimpey home, which is due for completion early next year. At this time, it is only a timber frame, awaiting the roof and windows to be installed. I requested Taylor Wimpey to install Ethernet cable throughout the house, as I want to have as much off of the...
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    Buying advice for new Taylor Wimpey home

    Hi, Myself and my girlfriend have been looking for a new home for around 1 year - both at new builds and pre-owned. For the past month we have started to speed up the search and have taken a closer look at new builds. Having looked at many builders and sites, we have found a taylor wimpey...
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    Taylor wimpey - my perfect new house

    I thought I would give a review on my recent taylor wimpey experience. People only really post things online when they have something bad to say - so thought I would give some good feedback for people who are thinking of buying from taylor wimpey. First of all, my house was built ahead of...
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    Hearing every sound from above

    I moved into my new build flat just over a year ago and have spent the best part of this wrangling with the property developer, Taylor Wimpey, over the sound of footsteps from the flat above; basically I hear every single footstep. After many emails and letters, they finally decided to...
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    Drainage Problems In Garden Affecting House

    We moved into our Bryants House in 2005 and within a few weeks noticed a large permanent 'pond' in the back garden. Eventually persuaded Bryants to come and have a look and the site manager told me he would get a landscape gardener to 'plant a few water-loving plants there'. After I stopped...
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    New Taylor Wimpey home at Bridgefield, Ashford

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a new home off the plan at the Bridgefield development by Taylor Wimpey at Ashford. The property will be ready for occupation by October 2011. There are already a good bunch of properties built and completed that are sold out. Has anyone bought at this site and...
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    Legal Help in taking Taylor Wimpey to Court

    Can anyone advise me how I can take them to court that is not going to cost me an arm and a leg - cannot do it through small claims as it is over £5000 - just keep getting fobbed off by them Have emailed their CEO Peter Redfern but he just passed the buck to the Region MD who is no help...
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    Leaks - Complaints Procedure = Non Existent

    Purchased a house at St Crispins, Northampton - 4 leaks - actually don't know anyone on the estate who hasn't. One in February caused damage to house but also to my clothing and business as work from home. For 6 weeks could not use kitchen, fridge left in middle of room, painting etc. diabolical...