New Build Inspections
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    Creaking upstairs flat - engineered wooden floors

    Hi there, I'm in a new build flat - worst decision of my life. Trying to get on with resolving issues as best as I can as the developers are sexist pigs that refuse to talk to women. I am trying to get on with things as best as I can in spite of how wrong that is as it's been over a year now...
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    Unresponsive developer - creaking ceiling, incomplete snagging... please help

    Hi everyone, I am desperately hoping someone can please help. I completed on my first home in April this year, a dream that I worked very hard toward for a long time. I understood with new builds there would be snagging and did not expect premium workmanship at all but figured any glaring...
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    Bellway snagging

    Hi all, we got the keys to the property in October 2019 and after being fobbed off for many snagging issues and multiple issues since then I decided to contact a snagging company to ensure that I hadn’t missed anything before the 2 year warranty is over. Bellway are stating they do not recognise...
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    Snagging help required

    Morning all, I have a quick query and I wonder i someone could share their knowledge to help me in my next steps. We are first time buyers and due to exchange shortly in the coming weeks. Been and looked at the house a number of times and noticed the roof tiles to have various different...
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    Snagging App

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to see if any members would be willing to provide some initial feedback on an app that I’ve been working on. It’s not yet fully released but I’m trying to see if people would be interested in the idea as I think it could be extremely helpful to New Build Homeowners...
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    Elan homes Cheshire

    Has anyone else had major snagging issues with Elan?
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    Biggest Issues Snaggin

    Hello everyone, So my brother has just bought a new house and he literally just asked me to do the snagging. If I am completely honest I have no idea what to do... first-time snagger aha. How could I do this snagging process in the most efficient and time effective way that would be my...
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    Elan Nightmare

    Bought a house from Elan Homes in November and the experience is not recommended. We were promised access during the various build stages; this was then never followed through and has lead to a significant number of snagging issues. To name one, we requested to see the floors before the...
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    Help with small developer !!

    Hi all, I have recently brough a new build house, 6 months on, still lots and lots of snagging issues. Developer keeps saying they will address, but refuses to answer any emails. NHBC say they don't cover snagging, Premier Guarantee only cover defects, and not snagging. So who do I go to to...
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    Crest - Refusing to allow professional snagging before completion

    Hi NHO, I am nearing the legal completion (early) on my 2 Bed apartment in Milton Keynes. Previous estimate was Mid May 2017 but they told me they are looking at end of March 2017 for completion which is great if they don't rush over the quality. I have had few issues raised which none has...
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    New build - 3 days to compile snagging list once completed

    Hello, new here... been reading lots and learning even more! I have just gotten off the phone with the sales staff at the development my new build is on and is soon to be finished. She informed me that NHBC will do there inspection at some point, followed by the builders snagging team...
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    snagging - do cosmetic items ourselves & negotiate reduced price?

    i'm waiting to hear back from our solicitor to see if this would even be possible, just wondered if anyone had done similar? we've had a surveyor do a new build snagging survey & he's come back with an extensive list of issues, the majority are purely cosmetic & just shoddy work/lack of...
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    Professional Snagging Service Manchester/North West?

    Hi, Can anyone please recommend a professional snagging service that will inspect a new build in Manchester? Thanks
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    Recommend a snagging company that will also check the m2 at the property

    Hi, Can anyone please Recommend a good snagging company that will also check the m2 at the property? The property is a one bed flat in south east London. I have measured it and I'm worried it is a bit smaller than the plans state, but the two main rooms are irregular shapes so it is hard to...
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    New build developer responsibilities

    Hi everyone, Firstly, apologies for these questions. They have no doubt been asked countless times on various guises. I've read around the forum and noticed that most members seem pretty clued up on the legalities but I cannot find a solid source of information. Recently I became an owner...
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    Due to complete this week but house is still a building site! HELP

    HELP! we are due to complete on out new house this week and move in over the weekend. We have out 'demo' on monday when we also expected to do our snagging. We went to have a quick look at the house last night and are panicked by what we saw. The next door house is only build to...
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    Light switch doesn't quite fit

    Hello, I am moving slowly toward completion on a new build property, and was given the opportunity to have a look around it ahead of our snagging visit. One thing I noticed is that a light switch seems to be poorly positioned. It is located on a narrow bit of wall, in between two door...
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    Taylor wimpey - my perfect new house

    I thought I would give a review on my recent taylor wimpey experience. People only really post things online when they have something bad to say - so thought I would give some good feedback for people who are thinking of buying from taylor wimpey. First of all, my house was built ahead of...
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    Redrow - Abbotts Walk Winchester - Snag or planning issue?

    My first forum post, as i am due to exchange on a Redrow home in Winchester in the next couple of weeks. Managed to visit the plot for the first time this week and picked up on a couple of issues. Part of the rear boundary is supposed to be a 2m brick wall according to the most recent...
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    Facebook : Stewart Milne homes suck

    I have set up a facebook page for people to share photos and tell there story. Think of it as a partition. I have had a nightmare with my house in robroyston and I would advise anyone in a Stewart Milne house to look at this facebook page as I had over 80 items on my snagging list. I've had...