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New Build Inspections
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    Bellway snagging

    Hi all, we got the keys to the property in October 2019 and after being fobbed off for many snagging issues and multiple issues since then I decided to contact a snagging company to ensure that I hadn’t missed anything before the 2 year warranty is over. Bellway are stating they do not recognise...
  2. R

    Snagging App

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to see if any members would be willing to provide some initial feedback on an app that I’ve been working on. It’s not yet fully released but I’m trying to see if people would be interested in the idea as I think it could be extremely helpful to New Build Homeowners...
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    Crest - Pre Decoration visit to new build flat inspection

    Hi, I have been invited to Pre decoration visit to my new build flat. It was supposedly to be completed late May 2017 but then they say that they are completing by mid March. I bought the snagging checklist from this site which seems to be very detailed. But as I read through vast number of...
  4. J

    Green Moss growing on roofs

    Hi All, I'be been in my new build now for 10 months. Green Moss is now growing on my roof. I am concerned that this is not right and that over time the roof will be damaged in the long term or require work each year to stop it growing. The tiles on the roof are not slate, they look like...
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    Developer refusing to carry out any more repairs on new build

    Hi, Apologies for the long post but I really need some advice. I bought a new build apartment and moved in on 8th January this year. The apartment is part of a city centre development which employs a management company (residents are not members of the company) and a live- in concierge come...
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    TV Programme looking for problem homes

    Posted with the permission of the site admin. We've been contacted by a major TV programme who are intending to run a campaign about the defects found in new homes. The TV company are looking for homebuyers who are having problems or struggling to get the NHBC or builders to repair the...
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    Buying a Persimmon Home? Read first!

    If you are considering buying a Persimmon home then I suggest you are very careful when listening to the sales agents. Basically they lie. We were told quite clearly we would get railings at the front of our house as the other properties on Tarka Point in Bideford have got, by the sales...