New Build Inspections
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    Ceiling leak new build

    My son has been in his house for one week. After 3 days they had a small leak in the kitchen ceiling. There is a bathroom above but the builders Plummer says all is dry under the floor (made small hole in ceiling) They have not used the bathroom since but today one week later when they came to...
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    Sealant around bath

    Hi all, We moved into our house June 2016 and recently I have noticed a few holes in the sealant around the bath. Although they are quite small they still need sorting, would my builder be liable for this and should they be the ones re-sealing it? Thanks Nathan
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    Anyone taken these to the small claims court?

    Had no end of problems with my Charles church house. Have been through the whole nhbc process, some remedial work finally done after a year though! Anyway I was to take Charles church to the small claims court now for the year long ordeal, I can prove financial losses as a result of their...
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    Taylor Wimpey small development

    I am thinkng of buying a detached TW 4 bed new build on a small development of 15 new homes plus 4 shared ownership/ social housing. The development is on a small green belt area in Bedforshire. Having read problems with new builds, I would appreaciate experiences of new builds on a...