New Build Inspections
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    Invalid threads

    Recently, probably in the last week I've received E.mails advising me of inew comments on the forum but when I click on the link it just says invalid thread and contact the Administrator. Is there a problem with my account or are comments being removed before I get chance to read them?
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    What is behind your Plasterboard?

    We had a Thermal Survey done in January. This showed that the plasterboard had been installed with only dabs of cement which does not comply with the NHBC Standard which states that a continuous line of cement should be at the perimeters of the plasterboard. We have therefore, air flow within...
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    Barratt Home (Maple Park, Essex)

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone else from Maple Park or even Barratt has had serious issues with snagging. I'm not even talking about cosmetical issues (which I have tons off) I'm having serious issues with my floors & Stairs on the 1st and 2nd floor. The problem seems to be under the...
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    Part exchange clean and tidy retention

    Has anyone ever had a problem getting this back?
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    Creaking floors and vibrations

    Hi Anyone specialist could help me please. I moved to a new built house of 5 bedrooms (two floors and ground floor). After 3 months the floors started to creak a lot creating unbearable noise so one can wake up if someone else is walking on the top floor or the floor below. There are also...
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    Damages problem with Keepmoat

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can shed some light with what I can do to get this resolved. I moved into my new build approx 6 months ago. Just lately I have found that since moving in there has been a leak from the JG elbow in my main bathroom. Causing damages to walls, skirting boards...
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    perpend alignment in external walls

    Hi, I noticed an old thread about this problem and hope someone can help me because I noticed the same problem on a house my daughter is in the process of buying. Her's is a timber frame, does this have an effect, is it just aesthetics or does it have a structural effect. Thanks for any help...
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    Easements on plot

    Hi, I am a FTB looking for a bit of advice, being absolutely clueless on these things. Found a development that I like, decent price, decent plot, they've thrown a few extras in that I wanted... Only problem is, during discussions I noticed paperwork on the desk regarding easements on this...
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    Worktop Issue NHBC

    Hi just looking for some advice on my problem, I have contacted NHBC who have placed me in contact with my developer, he has sent some from chandlers around to my house to look at the problem. The issue with my worktop is that it has cracked from the dishwasher steam causing steam from...
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    Advice Needed!!

    Hi, I bought my Persimmon home, as new and it was completed in 2008. I have recently noticed that I have a leak in my ensuite shower as on the ceiling directly below I now have a wet patch. I initially had this problem with in the first 2 years and had Persimmon round to fix the problem...