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    New build - builder refuses to fix plumbing - water is undrinkable

    Moved into a shared ownership new build a few months ago. Since moving in, the tap water has been undrinkable. It smells and tastes of chemicals. The local water company tested the water and found nothing wrong with the quality of the water. They say it's not their problem; the chemical taste...
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    Persimmon Leaks

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum. I have read some of the other posts and there seems to be some people on here who may have the knowledge to help me. I have owned a Persimmon home for 24 months and have had 3 major leaks in months 12, 20 and 23. The leak in month 20...
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    Probelms with Bryant Homes

    If you are having problems with your Bryant Home and cannot get anywhere and want to take legal action - contact - the chap their has a solicitor who will act for FREE if they can get more than 20 + complainants