New Build Inspections
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    Should I buy Persimmon home

    I am about to buy a persimmon home near Horley, Its a new build. I have been reading few threads but seems like all new build have problems. I am not sure if problems get sorted after a while or are they continuous. I haven't signed the contract yet, giving it a second thought. Have Persimmon...
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    Poor communication from Persimmon - what should we do?

    Hello In a bit of a panic, as you can probably tell from my username. I have just received a phone call from Persimmon asking why we haven't turned up for our look round. I replied to say that we hadn't received any notification of an appointment. The person asked if I had received any...
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    Persimmon Home Demonstration Appointment

    I recently exchanged contracts on a Persimmon new build, and yesterday I talked on the phone with them and they were trying to arrange a time for a home demonstration. The only times they have available are during working hours (8:30am - 3:30pm), I'm about to phone back to push for an...
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    First Time Buyer - Advice Needed Please

    Hi guys, So my wife and I have paid a reservation on a persimmon plot which is in a good location, on the outskirts of a small village, near to our family. It's a 3 bed detached and the sales woman on site told us it'd be ready June to December but likely around October time. We then get the...
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    First Time Buyer new build queries

    Hi all, I'm looking at new builds as a first time buyer and fell upon this forum! I was originally looking for reviews of builders, as I've found a few possible properties in the right area for me. Of the three there, my first choice is a Bellway, and there are also Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon...
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    Persimmon moving date do I have any say in this?

    Hi, iv been told by the site manager my new home will be ready no later than the 16th dec and we will be in by Christmas, I have part exchanged my current house with Persimmon, do I have to move on the date they say or can I have a say in the moving date, I have two young children and am worried...
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    Bad Persimmon Homes Customer Care Service

    Persimmon Homes Customer Service is really bad. I feel that I have to battle with them in order to get things done. The customer service management team is very elegant and they are not very helpful, especially Mr Roger Nicholas (the head of customer care). The employees from Persimmon told me...
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    Woods Meadow Lowestoft - Build Delays

    Hoping for some advice from anyone who has purchased a house at Woods Meadow in Lowestoft. Our plot has sat idle for weeks over the summer, we exchanged at the beginning of June and since that date Persimmon decided to stop work on our plot. While monitoring the build we have seen other houses...
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    Part exchange (electrical report)

    Hi, Iv part exchanged my home with Persimmon (my last house was a persimmon built in 2008) do I need to provide an electrical safety report? My solicitor has just contacted me saying persimmons legal dept require a copy of this, Iv rung a local electrician and he said I don't need one to sell a home
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    Recommendation of a Lawyer / Solicitor - Persimmon Homes

    I am at my wits end with Persimmon Homes - in brief my house does not adhere to building standards, after 3 meetings and countless letters and promises the developer is not delivering on their word or doing anything to rectify the situation. Can I please have recommendations regarding a...
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    Persimmon Glenmill, Darnley Mains, Glasgow

    Does anyone have any comments to make about this development? I'm interested in buying something here and would be grateful to anyone who can share any information at all.
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    The endless list continues.... Garden path too narrow!!

    Hi all, I could sit here and write all the snags since my last post but to be honest I don't realistically think I have the time! Straight to the point..... My garden path, the one I that goes down my neighbours garden, 4 house terrace &I'm middle right, is far too narrow I seriously...
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    Pull cord light switch

    I have a pull cord light switch in the downstairs toilet that is broken. The fantastic Persimmon design is a sealed unit with no discernible way of dismantling it. The plastic connector is fixed and integrated into the ceiling with no screws or anything to open it up. Does anybody know how I...
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    Persimmon unreasonable delay - chances of cancellation?

    Hello all, I reserved a Persimmon Home in June 15 with an estimated completion date of October. Unfortunately I exchanged contracts in September (also when I sold my previous house so have been living out of a bag at a family members house since then)...however, since exchanging the completion...
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    substandard floor 11 years on

    okay all probably nothing new but we moved into an 11 year old persimmon house in birmingham against my better judgement but she was insistant. I used to be a kitchen fitter so knew what to expect and thought I could get around it even though I knew that persimmon build badly designed homes...
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    New Persimmon Home Estate - Ahead of Schedule

    Hi all, My name is Mike, me and my girlfriend are in the final stages of completion with a Persimmon Home property and after stumbling across this site I am starting to question what the hell we have done. The site is called Woods Meadow in Lowestoft and we have one of the first homes...
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    Damp proofing course

    Hi Everyone, I have been coming back and back to this site looking at all the problems people have been having with Persimmon new builds because....... Yep we are buying one (not much choice really because of the help to buy and lack of any funds to 'do up' an older council place) and up...
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    Willow Croft, Paisley

    I thought I would post to highlight our issues at our estate. I hope this will help anyone considering reserving a property at Willow Croft. We have been in our house for 20 months now and still have ongoing issues. We moved in to the property in December 2013 and to be honest it has been one...
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    Priory Park, Oxfordshire

    Sales team in the show home an absolute waste of time. No plans no training on the site or spec. Very frustrating. The next level local MDs etc and sales managers can be summarised as liars, renaging on agreed matters, also time wasting generally hoping you will concede. No concessions offered...
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    Persimmon Sublet? Anyone With experience

    Me and my husband brought our house in December. My other half is in the armed forces and is being kept stationed in Aldershot. We've applied for sublet permission and im just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. We need them to say yes so we can move to marital accommodation as its...