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    Should I buy Persimmon home

    I am about to buy a persimmon home near Horley, Its a new build. I have been reading few threads but seems like all new build have problems. I am not sure if problems get sorted after a while or are they continuous. I haven't signed the contract yet, giving it a second thought. Have Persimmon...
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    New Persimmon Home in Ingleby Barwick

    Hi all, It is really scary to read all the comments/reviews about Persimmon homes, but they still seem to be building homes left, right & centre and people are buying them like hot cakes. I mean take the location which I am interested in for instance, Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees ...
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    The endless list continues.... Garden path too narrow!!

    Hi all, I could sit here and write all the snags since my last post but to be honest I don't realistically think I have the time! Straight to the point..... My garden path, the one I that goes down my neighbours garden, 4 house terrace &I'm middle right, is far too narrow I seriously...
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    Persimmon Homes, Station Mews, Gyle, Edinburgh.

    Has anyone bought or expecting to buy from Persimmon Homes (Station Mews, Gyle, Edinburgh)? Just looking for advice on what to expect. First impressions... Not great. i went in a few months ago and was told by the sales woman that nearly all the plots had been sold or were reserved and...
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    Damp proofing course

    Hi Everyone, I have been coming back and back to this site looking at all the problems people have been having with Persimmon new builds because....... Yep we are buying one (not much choice really because of the help to buy and lack of any funds to 'do up' an older council place) and up...
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    Is it just me or is it the norm?

    A quick background..... Me and my girlfriend, 22 & 20, have purchased our first ever home and have bought it from persimmon. This was the beginning of December and we were told at the time that our house would be finished and ready to move in for the end of march. Cutting a long story short...
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    First time buyers buying a 'Charles Church' Persimmon Home, should we back out?

    Hi all, Myself and my partner are about to purchase our first home, as there is a lack of new build properties in our area we've decided to move further a field to a nice development by Charles Church, otherwise known as Persimmon homes on a development called The Coppice in Billinge, Wigan...
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    Persimmon - Damp, condensation and mould; 3 years in!

    Hi all, Myself and my boyfriend bought a ground floor apartment from Persimmon back in May 2008. Within a week of moving in our walls and skirting boards were suffering from mould. Around the windows it was particularly bad. We contacted the builders and received a reply that it was just...
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    18 months on and still battling

    We moved into a Portchester build property in Worcester 18 months, accepting that there would probably be a few teething problems. We did not anticipate to still be having a constant battle to get things put right at this point. I won't list everything we have gone through at this point because...
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    Read more about Persimmon Homes on the main area of the website.
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    Advice please :Charles Church (Persimmon Homes)

    HI everyone! I have reserved a plot which is being built at the moment by Charles Church which is part of persimmon homes at Cumnor Hill, Oxford. Since joining this site I have seen huge complaints about the developers and now I am very much worried. Should I still go ahead with the purchase...
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    Buying a Persimmon Home? Read first!

    If you are considering buying a Persimmon home then I suggest you are very careful when listening to the sales agents. Basically they lie. We were told quite clearly we would get railings at the front of our house as the other properties on Tarka Point in Bideford have got, by the sales...
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    poor workmanship

    My ensuit bathroom tiles lifted because of poor workmanship(tiles had been laid incorrectly).I asked persimmon to come and have a look but they said my house 2 years warranty just expired so they cannot do anything about that. Aren't they responsible for faulty workmanship after two years...
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    Worried about our new persimmon flat!

    Hi there Unfortunatley I have purchased a Persimmon Ground floor flat, i now wish that i had read all of these horror stories before we put our reserve down. We havent completed yet and reading these articals has got me in a bit of a panick that we have made the wrong decison and that...
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    Snagging question on new build

    Hi There, I am new to the forum and hoping someone may be able to help. We have just bought a new build flat (Persimmon homes) and have exchanged contracts today. We have been told that it could take up to another month - 2 months before we move in and get a completion date. When i...
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    Persimmon short-sellers stake £325m on falling share price

    Short-sellers have staked more than £325m on Persimmon's stock falling ahead of the housebuilder's half-year results this week. More...Persimmon short-sellers stake £325m on falling share price
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    Persimmon Homes

    If anyone has or attempted to take legal action against this company please let us know how you got on and if you were able to go ahead with it,or if you have any tips / suggestions on how to get this company to rectify snagging faults etc