New Build Inspections
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    Minimum Notice on Move In Date?

    Hi, Does anyone know if there's a minimum notice period on the actual completion date? We were originally quote 14th July as our move in date, but this has been push back to 31st July, then 10th August and now 25th August. They said that they're aiming for certificates to completed on the...
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    Light Switch in the wrong place

    Can anyone help me? I've just completed on my new build and whilst there are a number of snagging issues that need to be completed as and when, one of the main things is that they've added the light switch to the kitchen in the only space available for a Fridge freezer. I've pointed this out...
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    Barratt Homes PL2 - massive delays - what can we do?

    We are a young couple and first time buyers who have put all of our money into a deposit to buy our first house using the help to buy scheme. We are still not in our new home. We reserved our plot at Barratts Plymouth PL2 development in March 2016 and were due to move in June 2016. We were...
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    Persimmon moving date do I have any say in this?

    Hi, iv been told by the site manager my new home will be ready no later than the 16th dec and we will be in by Christmas, I have part exchanged my current house with Persimmon, do I have to move on the date they say or can I have a say in the moving date, I have two young children and am worried...
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    Persimmon finishing touches prices negotiable?

    Are finishing touches prices negotiable? Iv been through the prices and I am wanting to spend around £8000, but as its obvious to see the prices are well over the odds but as I work away I really Don't need the hassle of it all being done after I move in, I don't want to go in expecting to...
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    just a little rant and an attempt to get my thinking laid down because i am going round in circles..... We live in a high rent/property price area. Saved long and hard and got a small deposit . Due to high local house prices went through the shared ownership mill several times and on each...
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    Miller Homes delays, where do we stand?

    Any advice would be appreciated.... We reserved a new Miller home on 8th August 2015 and the anticipated legal completion date was set for the 27th November 2015. (this was specified on the plot reservation form) To cut a long and boring story very short, we are still waiting to move in...