New Build Inspections
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    New developer

    How do I add a new developer to the builders list?
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    Persimmon Snag List

    I have moved into my new home 3 months ago and reported my snag list to Persimmon at the beginning of Jan. I feel ignored and very angry. As soon as they get the money they don't care anymore. It is very hard to arrange anything with them. I paid for some finishing touches and I am still...
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    My partner and I are really keen to purchase a Barratt home in a new development they're building near us. In order to get onto the waiting list, we need to have had an offer accepted on our property, so it's going on the market next week. Our issue is this - we have no idea how long the...
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    Show home snagging

    Hi Ive bought the showhome and am due for my demonstration meeting next week. Ive been told I will get the opportunity to view any issues with the house but as its the showhome, they will not paint / repair etc the more typical things one would expect when purchasing a new home. Apparently a...