New Build Inspections
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    Crest - Refusing to allow professional snagging before completion

    Hi NHO, I am nearing the legal completion (early) on my 2 Bed apartment in Milton Keynes. Previous estimate was Mid May 2017 but they told me they are looking at end of March 2017 for completion which is great if they don't rush over the quality. I have had few issues raised which none has...
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    Has anyone used the builder Zahir Malik of Resurrection Group in Heanor?

    His companies address is 19a Church St, Heanor, Derbyshire, DE75 7AH. His companies web address is Resurrection group | Working in the construction industry since 1993
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    Barratt/David Wilson Home File

    Morning all, I am in a long running dispute with Barratt/David Wilson over the poor quality of my new home and their bodged attempts to put it right. I have the photos on a keepandshare page but can't post the link because I am a new member. Something that has helped my case was a...
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    Persimmon Leaks

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum. I have read some of the other posts and there seems to be some people on here who may have the knowledge to help me. I have owned a Persimmon home for 24 months and have had 3 major leaks in months 12, 20 and 23. The leak in month 20...
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    Complaints Procedure in New Build - Non Existent

    Buying a house is your biggest investment but then when things go wrong ie plumbing, subsidence etc. there seems no one to turn to as the major housebuilders ignore the customer The NHBC, Consumer Rights, Trading Standards, CAB, and even the Health & Safety Executive do not want to know If...
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    What are my rights?

    Our upstairs ceiling runs out by 32mm and it transpires that the roof trusses are out of level. The Builder and NHBC have suggested that the ceiling is lowered by way of battening out the trusses and re plaster boarding, whilst this would resolve the ceiling problem the roof trusses are still...