New Build Inspections
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    Leak on Incoming Water Supply

    Good morning, I recently had a visit from my local water company, United Utilities (UU). They were in my area where there are a lot of new build estates. They were looking for water leaks on properties and when at my house they used a long metal rod to listen to the pipes inside and outside...
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    How to get plumber's resolution report?

    Hi All We had a big water leak that was caused by a missing washer from the ensuite shower siphon. The leak water damaged our brand new carpets. RedRow is currently investigating the damage which was confirmed by our carpeter and their own carpeter (verbally, in front of everyone - my wife and...
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    Ceiling leak new build

    My son has been in his house for one week. After 3 days they had a small leak in the kitchen ceiling. There is a bathroom above but the builders Plummer says all is dry under the floor (made small hole in ceiling) They have not used the bathroom since but today one week later when they came to...
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    Long Term Bathroom Leak and Excuses (New floorboards or not?)

    Found that there has been a leak from the bath around the shower screen, causing water to run down the edge of the bath, and onto the surrounding plaster, skirting board, also causing the bath panel to swell. Therefore under the affected floorboards under the lino has been soaked for...
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    Ongoing underground leak on 34 month old property

    Hi - I hope this is the right section to post in. Sorry if this is a little long winded. We bought a new build in May 2013 and we lived in it until January 2015 (we still own it, it is rented out). When we moved out in January 2015, we had a very high final water bill (it's on a...
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    Leaking Balcony

    I bought a Shared Ownership new build in 2013, and moved in in August 2013. We have two balconies on either side of our flat. By September 2013, we realised there was a leak on one of the balconies. Essentially the balcony on the flat above us fills with water, and rather than that water...
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    10k bill for dodgy plumbing!

    Hi there, Would really appreciate help as this has dragged out for too long, I am a homeowner in a new build in Edinburgh, the builder is westpoint homes, i moved in in 2009, since then there have been at least eight instances of leaking or flooding effecting the landing areas in in one case...