New Build Inspections
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    Elan homes Cheshire

    Has anyone else had major snagging issues with Elan?
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    New build compensation

    Hi all, I'm new to this but in need of help ☹️ We bought a new build which completed on 39th June 2017. We visited 2 days before completion & it was a complete mess still a building site which really concerned us, we were told not to worry & it always looks like this in the last couple of...
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    Cracking. Is this normal?

    We've been in our detached house for a year now and over the last few months cracks are becoming apparent. I thought 'ok it's just drying out' until I realised they were localised. To explain, our house is square to NSEW with front door on south. In back garden, north, and down east side, runs a...
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    Barratt Home (Maple Park, Essex)

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone else from Maple Park or even Barratt has had serious issues with snagging. I'm not even talking about cosmetical issues (which I have tons off) I'm having serious issues with my floors & Stairs on the 1st and 2nd floor. The problem seems to be under the...
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    New Build Nightmares

    We would love to hear from anyone who has had major issues with their Channel 5 are looking for extreme snagging issues and any issues that are causing you grief. Send us an email- newbuilds at channel5 dot com Thanks Aleisha
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    Free Help With Bellway Homes

    Hi there I have been dealing with Bellway for the past 2 years regarding issues to my new build house. I have over that time became quiet knowledgeable about how to deal with the issues and exactly who to email to make sure they have things resolved. This includes the head of there legal team...
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    Show home snagging

    Hi Ive bought the showhome and am due for my demonstration meeting next week. Ive been told I will get the opportunity to view any issues with the house but as its the showhome, they will not paint / repair etc the more typical things one would expect when purchasing a new home. Apparently a...
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    Changes specification issues

    Hi all. This is my first post. I am almost a year into living in a new build flat in SE London - Vision Homes. Yes, lots of snagging issues and one key build problem. But the one I am working on at the moment is an omission from the specification - lighting on our balcony. I realise that...
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    Persimmon homes within Greater London

    Hi all, I'm glad I've come across this site about the snagging issues everyone is facing before myself and my gf made commitments to a potential new build. But I only read about issues or reviews that's outside of Greater London. Any chance that anyone here bought a place within greater...
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    Water Harvester Problems

    Hi All I'm new to this forum and wanted some advise on the following issue. We moved into a new build about 3 years ago, in a quiet cu-de-sac only consisting of 4 houses. For the most part everything has been good with only a few minor snagging issues. However from day one, two of the...
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    Bovis Refusing to Rectify Over 80 Remaining Snags

    We've had nothing but trouble since we bought our Bovis Homes property 12 months ago in Feb 2016, we're now at our whits end as they are refusing to fix our remaining snags, what do we do? Here's a summary... • 12 months after we moved in there are over 80 items on our snag list STILL...
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    New build developer responsibilities

    Hi everyone, Firstly, apologies for these questions. They have no doubt been asked countless times on various guises. I've read around the forum and noticed that most members seem pretty clued up on the legalities but I cannot find a solid source of information. Recently I became an owner...
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    Draughty windows and Tin Door

    Hello We bought our new home a year and a half ago and the draught from the windows is terrible and rooms especially the two back bedrooms are really cold. The window company have been out they changed the beading but have advised it is the vents they can fit a rubber seal around them which...