New Build Inspections
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    Bellway Ashberry home - wish I hadn't bought it!

    I bought an Ashberry home and moved in 4 days ago. I am fed up with problems with hot water and heating. We attended a session about our new house and were told by the site manager that he didnt know how to use it since he hadn't used this type of system before. When we moved in we couldn't get...
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    Noisy waste stack makes house unliveable

    Hi all I have a big gripe with my new home. There is a tapping sound from inside the wall in one corner of the house, and this emerges when waste water flows. At first it was only hot water from the sink that caused the walls to tap loudly. I complained to the builder, and they told me its...
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    Installation fault discovered 4 years on - What to do?

    Hi all, I am hoping someone is able to offer advice. In 2012 we purchased a new build shared-ownership home that was built by Barratts (building completed in 2012). Within the first few months we had plumbing issues with our hot water system and a flooded bathroom because someone had not...