New Build Inspections
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    The new home has low hot water flow and pressure

    I recently bought a new home from a reputed builder in the UK. The day I went to collect the keys was the day I had access to see what was inside. I noticed that a ThermaQ Evocyl pre-plumbed cylinder was missing from my home. This is against the plan and the "Building Regulations and...
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    Compensation for lack of heating for 4.5 years

    So here is my story.... We moved in July 2010 to our new house. As the colder weather approached, we discovered that we had no heating on our top floor of our 3 storey house. Taylor Wimpey advised us that there was nothing wrong with the heating and it was the way it was zoned. I was unhappy...
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    Bellway Ashberry home - wish I hadn't bought it!

    I bought an Ashberry home and moved in 4 days ago. I am fed up with problems with hot water and heating. We attended a session about our new house and were told by the site manager that he didnt know how to use it since he hadn't used this type of system before. When we moved in we couldn't get...