New Build Inspections
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    Incorrectly installed drainage causing problems.

    Hello, I'm after some guidance ,if anyone can help that is. Hi, we have recently become aware of a serious drainage issue at our home, The property is 7 years old, we’ve lived in it for 4 years. (So not exactly your typical new snagging issue!) However the house is still under 10 year warranty...
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    Drain concerns

    Hi everyone, I’m currently in the early stages of purchasing a new build property and have noticed within the property boundary there are 6 man hole covers. 4 are on the drive and 2 are quite close to the front door. I’m concerned that the drains of neighbouring properties run through/meet...
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    Flooded Bovis Home

    Eight years ago I bought a new build Bovis home. Within four months it flooded. I had to pay for a surveyor as both Bovis and the NHBC refused to consider the problem. He determined that the builders had failed to properly address the drainage behind the house where there is a steep bank. Bovis...
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    Drainage Problems In Garden Affecting House

    We moved into our Bryants House in 2005 and within a few weeks noticed a large permanent 'pond' in the back garden. Eventually persuaded Bryants to come and have a look and the site manager told me he would get a landscape gardener to 'plant a few water-loving plants there'. After I stopped...