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    Render Crack

    Hi, I have recently brought a new build and the house builder (linden homes) told me from day one there was a crack. It’s the length of the building horizontally. They have filled it in as per the photo. I am concerned with what could have caused it?? The current solution being proposed is to...
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    Bath tub issues

    I have a new build and its been 3 months. On cleaning the bath I detected a crack and on further inspection it looks like it was repaired.:eek: The bath is not leaking. But I am not sure how long the repair will hold. I have reported the crack and they are about to get back to me. I was...
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    Worktop Issue NHBC

    Hi just looking for some advice on my problem, I have contacted NHBC who have placed me in contact with my developer, he has sent some from chandlers around to my house to look at the problem. The issue with my worktop is that it has cracked from the dishwasher steam causing steam from...