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New Build Inspections
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    Charles Church new build leasehold house - buying freehold after 2 years

    DISCLAIMER: I'm fully aware of Charles Church's (Persimmon) reputation surrounding build quality and aftercare as well as the pitfalls of leasehold houses, so please only comment specifically on my questions. I'm currently interested in a new build house despite the fact that it's from...
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    Kirkhill View, Scotland

    Just starting this off, we have for the most part had a good experience with Charles Church, but I'll keep you up to date. We moved in June 2012 the first people on this development, it's now the end of October and we still have 9 snags or fixes from snags outstanding, while Charles Church...
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    Advice please :Charles Church (Persimmon Homes)

    HI everyone! I have reserved a plot which is being built at the moment by Charles Church which is part of persimmon homes at Cumnor Hill, Oxford. Since joining this site I have seen huge complaints about the developers and now I am very much worried. Should I still go ahead with the purchase...