New Build Inspections
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    Ceiling leak new build

    My son has been in his house for one week. After 3 days they had a small leak in the kitchen ceiling. There is a bathroom above but the builders Plummer says all is dry under the floor (made small hole in ceiling) They have not used the bathroom since but today one week later when they came to...
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    Sound proofing - ceiling - advice/remidial actions new build

    We are in a new build conversion (old building new renovation) the ceiling of our flat is new and not an original part of building and the walls are plasterboard. We are being plagued by walking and thumping sounds from the apartment upstairs (no tv/music noises) the apartment is 9 months since...
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    No insulation behind slope ceilling / half height wall ???

    We purchased a new build in Darlington 4.5 years ago and we are currently getting the en suite upstairs re-fitted with new shower etc Whilst the shaver socket was off the wall, I stuck my camera in behind to see what there was in terms of insulation behind the half-height wall and sloping...
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    New Build Local Construction Company Cracking Floors

    Hi I have a new build house just over 12 months old, with an issue regarding cracking and noisy floors. The floor boards were originally glued and nailed to the joists and the builder has been recently out and also screwed the boards to the top of joists in addition. What I have noticed is...