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New Build Inspections
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    Sound Proofing - New Build Flat

    Hi all, I have recently just moved into a recently constructed new build flat by Persimmon (build completed end of March and we are first occupants). The wider site is not yet complete and builders are still on site. Everything was fine for the first couple of days, but my upstairs neighbours...
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    Scope for legal action - no fire collars

    Hi all and any! Well, we've just moved back into our Taylor Wimpey apartment having been moved out for 6 weeks so our soundproofing could be relaid correctly to ensure it passed Part E and re sounding where it seriously failed. I've been sent a copy of a report produced by the contractor...
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    Damp proofing course

    Hi Everyone, I have been coming back and back to this site looking at all the problems people have been having with Persimmon new builds because....... Yep we are buying one (not much choice really because of the help to buy and lack of any funds to 'do up' an older council place) and up...
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    Are Building Regulations the same abroad as they are in the UK?

    I am currently thinking of moving over to either Spain or France in the next 6 months and would like to build my own house over there. Now I know in this country new builds have to meet certain building regulations and that you need planning permission. I just need to know if the same rules...