New Build Inspections
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    Exterior Brickwork on Barratt New Build

    Hi, Moved into a Barratt new build in November 2016. Over the past few months have been dealing with the site team re the brickwork in this build as I can see that, facing the building, there is a slope from the mid point to the end of the house where the garage is. They've advised this is...
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    Bloor Homes - Southam Grange

    I have placed a hold on our new build property over at the Bloor Homes Southam Grange development. I have read many horror stories here and it does have me concerned that I may miss something and end up paying for it! (Whether it be a snag or lost opportunity for price negotiation). At this...
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    Hardcore/Rubble (new build garden)

    My new build is on former fields and marshland. There was no former structure on my plot, although there was an unusable asbestos-riddled building not far away that Redrow needed to demolish. My garden was delivered with 2"-3" of topsoil (basically the turf), a 6"-8" layer stony powdery whitish...
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    Hoping to speak with people who have had Negative New Build expereinces

    Have you had a New Build Nightmare? Hello, Hope it is ok to post this message. I am a casting producer working on a new series for Channel 5 which investigates the problems some homebuyers discover after moving into a new build property. The series examines the range of defects that...
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    Sound Proofing - New Build Flat

    Hi all, I have not long moved into a recently constructed new build flat by Persimmon (fist occupants). Everything was fine at first, but my upstairs neighbours have just moved in! I can literally hear every footstep and also the sound of furniture etc. - I am also concerned of what's to come...
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    Garden advice - New build in London

    Hello All, Couple of weeks ago, I reserved a mid terrace new build and it has just been handed to the sales agent to fit the carpets/flooring. I was lucky to have a unofficial look at the property. There were loads of snags as expected as it isn't finished but what concerns me is the garden...
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    Garden advice - New build in London

    Hello All, Couple of weeks ago, I reserved a mid terrace new build and it has just been handed to the sales agent to fit the carpets/flooring. I was lucky to have a unofficial look at the property. There were loads of snags as expected as it isn't finished but what concerns me is the...
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    Advice for anyone looking to buy a new build / help to buy

    Hello all, Just wanted to say that I'm happy to answer any queries about buying a new build home. My partner and I have nearly completed on a new build purchase, our first home, using the help to buy equity loan. Happy to share info on the process, fees and charges, house 'extras etc'...
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    David Wilson Homes - My thoughts

    We have just moved into a new DWH in the Southern region. We initially had a few issues with the build on the outside which to David Wilson's credit they fixed before we moved into the property. I know there are countless reviews saying that house builders are poor etc, however are personal...
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    Battersea power station new flats circus west

    Urgent help wanted . Best professional central London surveyor for snagging and new build report. Terrible standard of work throughout . Such a shame and such a rip off .
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    New build - changes/upgrades advice

    Hi All, My girlfriend and I have reserved a plot and we have now exchanged contracts. I have raised a few issues and been through the sales people and their manager so no avail. Can anyone help? Issues: - We want to move the thermostat in the main bedroom wall either over...
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    Dorchester Living/Heyford Park

    Hello guys, I'm looking to purchase a new build property in the Oxfordshire area and I have recently found the Heyford Park development. Unfortunately I cannot find any information regarding the build company? Does anyone know the reputation of Dorchester Living or the build quality at...
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    TW Sycamore Park - Leeds

    Hello - new member here. We're considering buying a new home on the TW Sycamore Park development in Leeds early next year and just wondered if anyone had any experience of buying on there? I've read a few of the threads here and note the advice to avoid using their recommended solicitor...
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    Information on new build Help to buy and obtaining a mortgage generally

    Hi Everyone Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have been a mortgage adviser for over 20 years and do quite a bit of work on new build purchases I'll be on the forum every now and again giving free advice so if you want any help just pop me a reply
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    Changes specification issues

    Hi all. This is my first post. I am almost a year into living in a new build flat in SE London - Vision Homes. Yes, lots of snagging issues and one key build problem. But the one I am working on at the moment is an omission from the specification - lighting on our balcony. I realise that...
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    Woods Meadow Lowestoft - Build Delays

    Hoping for some advice from anyone who has purchased a house at Woods Meadow in Lowestoft. Our plot has sat idle for weeks over the summer, we exchanged at the beginning of June and since that date Persimmon decided to stop work on our plot. While monitoring the build we have seen other houses...
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    are new build prices negotiable

    As the title says are the new build prices negotiable and does anyone have experience of companies shifting on prices. Thx:confused:
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    Bath tub issues

    I have a new build and its been 3 months. On cleaning the bath I detected a crack and on further inspection it looks like it was repaired.:eek: The bath is not leaking. But I am not sure how long the repair will hold. I have reported the crack and they are about to get back to me. I was...
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    just a little rant and an attempt to get my thinking laid down because i am going round in circles..... We live in a high rent/property price area. Saved long and hard and got a small deposit . Due to high local house prices went through the shared ownership mill several times and on each...
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    New build developer responsibilities

    Hi everyone, Firstly, apologies for these questions. They have no doubt been asked countless times on various guises. I've read around the forum and noticed that most members seem pretty clued up on the legalities but I cannot find a solid source of information. Recently I became an owner...