New Build Inspections
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    Drainage Problems In Garden Affecting House

    We moved into our Bryants House in 2005 and within a few weeks noticed a large permanent 'pond' in the back garden. Eventually persuaded Bryants to come and have a look and the site manager told me he would get a landscape gardener to 'plant a few water-loving plants there'. After I stopped...
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    Water & Electricity Do Not Mix - Can someone let Bryants know!!!

    Bryants seem to believe that water and electricity go well together!!! - Amazingly it does not - I was asked to plug in water drenched electrical items - by their site manager - even being blonde and female I decided not a good idea! Dangerous as not everyone has commonsense and it could lead to...
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    Leaks - Complaints Procedure = Non Existent

    Purchased a house at St Crispins, Northampton - 4 leaks - actually don't know anyone on the estate who hasn't. One in February caused damage to house but also to my clothing and business as work from home. For 6 weeks could not use kitchen, fridge left in middle of room, painting etc. diabolical...
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    Mismatched Windows?

    Hi we are in the process of buying a house from Bryant Homes. We reserved our plot in March and at that time the house was already roofed in and had all but 2 sets of windows fitted. Over several months we were told that the windows were on order from a different company as the one they...